Curebound's 2024 Padres Pedal the Cause event raises 3+ million for cancer research. Full story here.

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Help accelerate cancer research into cures.



Curebound funds innovative cancer research that has the power to save lives. At the core of our vision is a commitment to collaboration. All Curebound grants foster collaboration among specialized teams to enable the brightest minds to work together, forging cooperation among different scientific disciplines to produce better outcomes for patients. We hope you will consider supporting this exceptional work as a member of one of our Giving Circles.

Founders Circle
Whitworth Legacy Circle
Accelerator Circle
Curebound Loyal

Invest in Cures

100% of your donation received supports Curebound and its collaborative cancer research programs.

Founders Circle

Make a gift of $50,000+ to become a member of the Founders Circle

The Founders Fund Campaign is Curebound’s philanthropic effort to bring experts from San Diego’s unique ecosystem of life sciences, research institutes and clinical settings together with the philanthropic community to ignite collaborative work for higher levels of discovery. To date, the campaign has secured over $25 million. As our Founders Circle continues to grow, the campaign will provide substantial support for best-in-class research that has the power to save lives.

Whitworth Legacy Circle

The Whitworth Legacy Circle honors dedicated philanthropists who share a long-term vision of a world without cancer and choose to establish a planned gift to Curebound.

If you have already included a gift to Curebound in your will or trust, please let us know so we can recognize you as a member of the Legacy Circle.

Report Your Gift

Accelerator Circle

Make a gift of $5,000+ toward Curebound’s Annual Fund to advance life-saving cures and become a member of the Accelerator Circle.

Curebound Loyal

Curebound Loyal encourages year-round giving with a monthly donation of any size. Think of it as a subscription to supporting cancer research in an affordable, sustainable way. Whether you choose to donate $10 or $100 each month, a recurring gift will have a big impact.



We are grateful for the visionary leadership of our growing circle of founding members. Curebound is made possible through the support and extraordinary generosity of these individuals and organizations:



Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

Cindy & Larry Bloch
Boxer Capital
Wanda & Cam Garner
Denise Hawkinson & Jim Herbst
Anne Daigle & Rich Heyman
Sally & John Hood
Amy & Bill Koman
T. Denny Sanford
Fernanda Whitworth



Roberta & Malin Burnham
Jennifer & Jay Levitt
Sandy & Peter Mossy
Jeannie & Gerry Ranglas
Shamala & Raghu Saripalli
Michelle & Tom Wermers

Del Corazon Foundation



The Michan Family
The Pardee Family Foundation



Conrad Prebys Foundation
Cousins of Jay Levitt
Dickinson Family Foundation
Franci & Scott Free
Elaine Galinson & Herb Solomon
Sofia & Leon Kassel
Julie & Philip Mossy
Tammy & Cameron Rooke

Carolyn & Andy Singer

Michelle Trulaske
Victoria Syage & Richard Whittington



Joy & Don Ankeny
Nancy & Matt Browar
Tracy & Chuck Brymer

Kristen Dillard
Jean Wickersham & Donald Kearns
Sheryl & Kirk Lester

Lisa & Gary Levine
Johanna Chanin & Randall Levitt
Kay Klass & Mark Levitt
Richard Moore

Kathryn & Robert Murtfeldt
Marilyn & Mike Rosen

Robin Toft
Melissa & Chris Tresse
Beth & Nathan Tross
Julie & Court Turner
Randi & Charles Wax
Wong Family Fund


Please consider supporting Curebound’s exceptional cancer research program as a member of one of our Giving Circles. We invite you to learn more about the research we fund, the collaborations we foster, and the work we are doing so that the next generation does not hear the words “you have cancer” in the way we do today.

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